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A selection of wonderful Spice blends & seasonings, and herbs and spices from around the world, specially selected to add flavour and depth to your cooking.  Perfect for making curries or sprinkling onto meat or fish for grilling, baking, pan frying or BBQ. Perfect for experienced cooks and novices alike.

Over 40 different blends and seasonings to choose from.

Clear selection


Classic Spice Blends from all over the world, From Traditional Seasonings to Savoury Creations, freshly hand blended in small batches.

An inexpensive gift for busy people, curry lovers, students, foodies and those learning to cook

The selection box includes a selection of Curry powder blend, a selection of BBQ seasoning perfect for the summer months and our popular Chicken seasoning and beef brisket seasonings.

made from: 100% spices & herbs 

Selection Box contains 6 pouches spice blends of your choice and one herbs and spices

List of Spice Blends and Seasonings to choose from

Caribbean Curry Powder 20g | Malaysian Curry Powder 20g | Sri Lankan Curry Powder 20g | Bassar Masala 20g | Ras-El-Hanout 20g | Jamaican Jerk 20g | Zaatar 20g | Thai Stir Fry 15g | Thai 7 Spices 20g | Blackened Cajun 20g | Piri Piri 20g | Lemon Pepper 20g | Carolina BBQ Rub 20g | Canadian Steak Seasoning 20g | T-Bone Lovers 20g |Naga Seasoning 20g (Out of stock)| Baharat Spice 20g | Kabsa Seasoning 20g | Ethiopian Berbere Seasoning 20g | Fish Seasoning 20g | Chicken  Seasoning 20g | Beef Brisket Seasoning 20g | Harissa Spice 20g | Chili Con Carne Seasoning 20g | Donner Kebab Seasoning 20g | Japanese Shichimi Togarashi 20g | Sambar Powder 20g | Rasam Spice 20g | Briyani Masala 20g (Out of stock) | Jalfrezi Curry Powder 20g | Balti Curry Powder 20g | Korma Curry Powder 20g | Rogan Josh Curry Powder 20g (Out of stock) | Tandoori Masala 20g | Chimichurri Seasoning (Out of stock) | Goat Curry Seasoning 20g | Italian Mix Spices 20g (out of stock) | Chilli & Lemon Seasoning 20g | Memphis Ribs Rub 20g | Tikka Masala 20g | Satay Seasoning 20g | Madras Curry Powder 20g | Punjabi Garam Masala 20g | Rendang Spice Mix 25g (Out of stock) | Dhansak Curry Blends 20g | Siracha Seasonings 20g  | Falafel Seasoning 20g |



Sorry, we are currently CLOSED for Christmas and New Year holidays until 4th January 2022.

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